Our Clients

Maintaining the relationship with client is the key of the successful and long term business. Here we have mentioned some of the clients PPInfotech. Currently we are running online and offline applications of many clients and they all relay on our software.Some of our clients are mentioned as bellow.

WAY2BRAIN DMIT PVT. LTD. Company incorporated in a year 2011 is truly diversified with its business activities Spread all over India. The group is known for its successful implementation of unique business ideas...

SNB Tradelink Pvt. Ltd. Fullfil your dreams and desires and it welcomes you all in the world of opportunities and success. The Corporate World dreams with you a life where no compromises to dump your dreams and desires. SNB Tradelink Pvt. Ltd. is a group having dreams to fulfill others dreams.

Manufacturer and Exporter of Optical Whitening Agent, Fluorescent Brightening Agents for Paper, Textile and Detergent industries - known as Paper Whitener, Textile Whitener and Detergent Whitener.

GetFric is a premium global online social community set up by a large group of passionate, self-conscious and forward-looking philanthropists from a host of participating countries literally from around the world.